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    Bailey's Furniture

    Company Information

    Our claim to fame has been everyday low prices, with great customer service and fast delivery. Furniture isn't just a job to us, we really love the furniture business and enjoy bringing the new, fresh, exciting styles and fabrics to our Alaska customers!! We've added a custom furniture manufacturing facility that specializes in office furniture, institutional furnishings, storage solutions such as closets, pantries, laundry rooms, and garages.

    Close to the airport for our out of town customers and lots of free parking!! This is a must see furniture store for you , your friends and family, as we've been told it is the nicest furniture store in Alaska, Washington, Oregon , Idaho, Montana!! We built this store for out customers to enjoy the furniture buying process with no pressure or stress!! Take your time, have fun, and enjoy the complimentary live entertainment on the weekends..!! If you can't find it at Bailey's, it must not be in Alaska!!

    Markets Served

    Bailey's Furniture store serves the greater Anchorage area and the nearby cities of Soldotna, Palmer, Wasilla, Gridwood Portage, Birchwood, Moose Pass and Willow. Drive down New Seward Highway, 5th Ave Glenn Highway, and county road 1 to find local Bailey's Furniture stores. Close to Ted Stevens International Airport.


    Shop on BaileysFurniture.com for your Local Alaska furniture buying needs. Browse our extensive online catalog to find the best furniture for your home. Use the search or advanced search tool to find the specific piece you want. Buy gift cards in a variety of denominations straight off the website.

    Bailey's Furniture Store Locations