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    Beiter's Home Center

    Company Information

    Today, the success of Beiter's Home Center is based on the belief that we can be YOUR HOMETOWN HEADQUARTERS for all your home furnishing needs in this part of the state. This belief, combined with a philosophy of complete fairness to the customer is truly what has made us the company we are today.

    Markets Served

    Covering the Williamsport, South Williamsport, Mansfield, Lock Haven, Sunbury, Wellsboro, Garden View, Bellefonte, Lemont, Mifflinburg, Northumberland, Shamokin, Bloomsburg, and Danville areas. Seven convenient store locations


    Beiter's Home Center website offers a look at their large selection and the values on which they operate. Financing, directions to stores, and contact information provided on the site.

    Beiter's Home Center Store Locations